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More aware of the Lord’s authoritative reigning, within you, allows the Holy Spirit to be able to privately guide you in order to manifest it to the darkly dwelling, physical world around you, through Divine humbleness. The flesh has a wrong concept of humbleness, there is no downtrodden, nor “woe is me mentality,” nor hanging your head thinking you can do nothing, etc, with Divine humbleness there is an authoritatively bold existence. As we deeply fellowship with our Savior, our Creator reminds us that He is the most Humblest of all, and that is where we discover that through Jesus our identities are revealed, confirmed even in His model prayer: ‘Our Father, who art in Heaven…,’ we are a child of the Most High God, and can only look to Him for guidance in order to be able to reign in our unique calling. Divine humbleness recognizes that you do nothing of yourself, by yourself, nor through yourself, you do all through Jesus, and it recognizes in a deep way what Jesus spoke of in Mark 10:18~’And Jesus said unto him, ‘Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God.’ We are at that place, we intimately know that nothing good that we reveal, in all areas of our lives, actually comes from us, but from our Creator, who’s eyes are passionately upon us, and through Christ, our Beloved Sacrificial Lamb who conquered all things in the flesh. There is no self-confidence, no self-sufficiency, no self-righteousness, because Jesus deeply cleansed that, changing that to God-confidence, God-sufficiency, and God-righteousness: you display a power beyond this world, and you never deny your Source there of because you first look to Jesus, and fully dwell in knowing that God is your Sole-Provider. With Divine humbleness, you move with authority as only the Holy Spirit can guide you and balance you in, and as He leads you to reach out and touch those things in this world that are disconnected from Him, He allows you to partner with Him in healing them by bringing His authority through you to them. No one is good, but God!