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Not everyday is an easy day, a day where you feel great both inside and out, but what becomes more important is not how you “feel,” not what you “know,” not what you “think,” the most important thing is what you have…Jesus. His faithfulness, as you turn to Him, becomes your anchor, and your strength in an unpredictable world. You may not fully realize this, but these opportunities are so important and so powerful, and countless things happen when you simply use your free-will choice to turn to Him, within. Your relationship with Him strengthens, and deepens; Divine faithfulness, Divine trust, Divine confidence in Him builds within you, and you are reminded again that only Jesus truly knows what you need, and only He can deeply provide it. Amazingly, you also realize that it really doesn’t matter when, why, or how you are experiencing this, the only thing that now matters is that you actively turn to you Lord, and His faithfulness is clearly seen, felt, and known, while He authoritatively provides the healing you need. You are allowing Him to freely reign within you as the Holy Spirit fully balances your life, both inside and out. Praise Jesus, may you have a continuously powerful rest in Jesus~Shabbat Shalom!