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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wake up just feeling beat up, and there are also days that seemingly are going great, but then, within my mind and body I feel beat up, or you pick any of the endless list of ailments you experience. And what is even more amazing is that when this happens, it is a beautiful reminder that only Jesus can heal that, only He knows why you are experiencing that. Even when you know the cause, even when you know what is wrong, there are depths to all things, and you just might not fully know. However, it becomes a beautiful reminder for you to communicate with Jesus, within you. Envision what you are led to envision, like lying your head against His chest, or kneeling before Him, while you wait it all out, and let Him know you are waiting for His healing. DO NOT try to analyze it, but let the Lord lead you to what you need to know. You are experiencing Divine healing, because Jesus is faithful and will provide that healing in God’s perfect timing, while at the same time build faith, confidence, trust, and faithfulness in you for Him, which then strengthens your relationship with Him. And guess what? You may never know what the cause was, but that is alright because you have miraculously experienced a healing that goes way beyond our limited minds! He surely knows what we have need of, and the things of this world can no longer fully satisfy, nor fully heal so we will first only go to Jesus, allowing Him to lead us should we need to do something, because authority can only be fed by Him, as only He is Lord of our complete lives!