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As your physical world seemingly goes from trial after trial, problems after problems, don’t label it as just, “one thing after another.” Each case is specifically designed, even the wrong free-will choices can be healed, mended, and set to right, teaching you extraordinary things about your relationship with Jesus. Problems are a huge wake-up call for us, which is~I need Jesus beyond anything this world has to offer! If your physical world continues to be wonderful, the great things happening can quickly, and very easily sugar-coat your life, making you overly sure of yourself, and then you will dangerously find yourself clinging more to your physical life, than to Jesus. You may even find your spirit dangerously weakening because you are paying more attention to your outer world, than to fellow-shipping within, which then becomes a surviving quest, instead of truly living. And our Abba loves us so much that He will allow for adversity, and issues to slam against us, if only to let us know we are focusing too much on our outer world, reminding us to refocus on Jesus. There is a healthy balance that needs to be maintained, and only the Holy Spirit can do that, and your free-will choice of always communing with Jesus allows Him to do that. So don’t struggle to survive, thrive to live in Jesus! God is greater than all things, and only Jesus can bring true joy into every instance, only Jesus can position your life where you can have glorious opportunities, and amazing experiences that are even beyond what your limited mind is wanting, which is fully experienced while we dwell in this world. All things become even more precious to you when you truly know that all that comes in and out of your life is because you are fully yielded, and He is guiding those things in and out of it! What strength, power, trust, confidence, and faith is being built within you…all because of Jesus!