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If the sun doesn’t shine; if issue after issue continuously rolls over us throughout the day; if nothing spectacular happens; if no victory is clearly seen, but instead new problems seem to arise; if we are challenged at every turn; if what we had planned never happens; if what we are expecting never comes, we still have our heart’s greatest desire and that is all that matters! What actually happened during these times? God was looking upon us, shining brightly and overshadowing the cloudy day; Jesus stood before us as the issues pounded against us, causing them to roll over us instead; while nothing spectacular happened on the outside, within awareness of Jesus was cultivated and strengthened, so something really spectacular had happened; although victory was not clearly seen, it was known and thereby didn’t need to be physically seen; as we were challenged at every turn, the Holy Spirit fed us truth each time; what we had planned was saved as a gift for another time; and we privately learned we should only expect what our Abba wants to lead in and out of our lives, thereby strengthening our faith in Him, knowing He wants more for us than we could possibly imagine. Wow, what a powerfully victorious day, and it was all because of Jesus! We are no longer held captive to what we think needs to happen in any given day, instead we see Jesus and clearly experience how the Son has truly set us free!