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You follow your Lord, not what is popular, nor “normal,” but what is Divine, supernatural, and eternal. You recognize the shift within you, it is no longer temporary things that take precedence in your life, but Jesus. Allow Him to continue clearing your spiritual vision so you can see what He wants to show you. Yes, the closer you become with Jesus results in times when it becomes more difficult to balance your physical life, and your spiritual life, because you become more aware of blocks, wrong thinking, and numerous amounts of other things that although they may have Christianity, Jesus, and even the Bible involved, they are still far from that type of Divine relationship, which then may even cause you to question if you are on the right track. DO NOT do that! What is happening is that the Holy Spirit is clearing your spiritual eyes, and revealing more truths to you, confirming your relationship with Him, as well as teaching you and clearing the path He is walking you on. It is not so you can wrongly degrade people, organizations, nor create havoc, and definitely not so you could lift yourself up, which is being self-righteous; but so that He can teach you the truth, allow you to intimately get to know your Abba, and obediently do what He would like for you to do, while gifting you with the authority, the power, and all things needed to equip you to stay-the-course, and speak His truth in this world as He leads you to do so. The deeper your relationship becomes, the more difficult the balance is, and the more crucial it is for it to be in place. But since you focus completely on Jesus, you are making the free-will choice to allow the Holy Spirit to control that. Only He can truly, successfully, victoriously, and peacefully balance your life, so at each step and phase tenderly smile to Jesus, and wait on Him to heal each difficult experience, teaching you even more. Praise Jesus, another Divine confirmation, and another beautiful reminder that you first belong to your Abba, and that is all that truly matters!