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An area of uneasiness, and an area that causes you considerable discomfort, or one that you know allows for the awareness of fear, anger, and all things negative to openly attack, is an area that the Lord is informing you He isn’t Lord of, and needs to be. You are experiencing a spiritual hunger, and lack that only Jesus can fulfill. Jesus is thorough, His cleansing is thorough, and it takes our free-will choice to actively choose Him and welcome Him into every aspect of our lives. It doesn’t just happen automatically, it is a daily free-will decision to want your relationship with Him to grow, and your active turning to Him allows for that to happen. Amazingly, as you have experienced victory in other areas of your life, you have learned that the more you encounter these types of circumstances and situations, the more you are able to experience the spiritual growth that is actually happening within you, and the victory that is rising you above those issues. These opportunities build Divine faith and confidence in the Lord, and it deepens your relationship with Him, allowing you to be able to hear from Him more clearly and confidently. There is no lack in Jesus, He is a Lord of completeness, and wholeness, but you must actively turn to Him, open yourself up to Him, and welcome Him in, in order to be able to experience that. Our amazing God loves us so much that He strongly desires us to actively choose Him, instead of all other things. Free-will choices are powerful choices, ones that actually move our God, the Great I Am’s, heart and emotions! Praise Jesus, our humbling Abba passionately desires us!