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As you read God’s Holy Word, within you are moved. You are spiritually and physically experiencing His Words just by reading them. What strength, and power He is gifting you with by confirming to you that you have used your free-will choice to reverence His Words, and because of that He is allowing you to be aware of the very real truth that His Words are beyond any that could ever be spoken. There are depths of strength, healing, power, life, and all things glorious within them; only they can wipe out, establish, and physically move His will for all things. You daily look to Jesus so that He is able to openly cleanse you continuously, which then allows the Holy Spirit to help you continue receiving His Words as you read them. But you have another continuous free-will choice to make, and that is to seize His Word. You ask the Lord to seal them within you, you live by those Words, you look to Jesus, and He feeds you those Words, preparing you, healing you, strengthening you, empowering you to continue moving forward, and in response you fiercely, with a fierceness that is passionate, bold, and emotionally beyond anything you have ever felt before, hold onto Jesus refusing to allow those Holy Words to depart from you, regardless of what happens. You look to God’s Word, instead of what is “normal,” “acceptable,” “rational,” or seemingly more “logical.” God’s Word doesn’t line up with a lot of things being taught today, nor spoken of, and that alone gives you renewed strength, because you are confirmed by His Limitless, Empowering Words. Seizing His Word further deepens your Divine relationship with Jesus, and you will boldly guard all that you can to let it continue, by not letting anything in that will disrupt that communion with Him. As you experience each circumstance, issue, or problem, you hold God’s Words up above all things, and your fierceness powerfully and emotionally moves your Abba, which changes those issues beyond anything you could have ever imagined and all for His glory! Praise Jesus!