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Looking back, you have learned a valuable truth that only could have been taught by the Holy Spirit: residing deeper in Jesus is not automatic, but it is a process of free-will choices made, ones that only you can make to let it happen, which all collectively, in their simplest forms, were to turn to Jesus first in all things. You are now more clearly seeing that every single thing you go through are steps towards deeper intimacy in Him, stages where He victoriously guides you and leads you closer into His sheltering embrace. And regardless of what you are actually, physically experiencing, the Lord is intimately revealing to you how much greater the Lord is within you, than the limits outside of you. You are “hearing” the preparations, the warnings, the promptings even easier now, and each irritation and aggravation is something completely different from what you first wrote them off as being, which was aggravating nuisances that were just a part of this life. But now, they are His arms pulling you closer to Him, revealing deeper truths and showing you how He is conquering every single one of them with you. You obediently remain with Him, and so you are not restricting His movements, nor grieving the Holy Spirit, which allows Him to personally feed you His responses, in the only way He can. The intimacy building within is limitless, and so precious, and it becomes even more intense and more powerful as you begin craving Him over all other things. The sovereign will of God for your life…is truly miraculous!