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God, our Abba, our Heavenly Father, our Creator, the Great I Am knows the beginning from the ending and has even provided that for us in the Holy Bible. Our focuses used to be on what needs changed, or healed, but now, through our personal, intimate experiences where Jesus has faithfully, and victoriously guided us through them, we now focus completely on Him. Knowing that He will Shepherd us through whatever we will need to go through, while the Holy Spirit continues to instruct us and teach us through it, while our Abba continues to whisper how beautiful we are to Him, and encourages us to continue to stay-the-course. No matter what this world attempts to limit us by, it is just that an “attempt,” because we rightfully know that our Shepherd will carry us, heal us, and deliver us through all things because we personally, and deeply know that “what affects us, affects Him.” Praise Abba for even allowing the Holy Spirit to actively dwell within us. What strength, power, and unbelievable love that actively dwells within us, nourishing us, and guiding us! Praise Jesus!