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Your experiences have strategically moved you to a place where only Jesus can help you. And what a blessing that is because that is where Divine faith, confidence, and trust can be built. So regardless of what you physically see, or hear, you boldly choose to stand and powerfully proclaim, “I no longer am clinging to myself nor dependent on what I can do, nor am I clinging to others and dependent on what they can do, but instead, I’m clinging to my Lord, and fully dependent on what Jesus will do!” Speaking life (unity) into death (separation). He is at the very root of all help, both spiritually and physically in our lives, guiding into and out of our life what we specifically need, a provision above and beyond what our limited minds could even expect. Praise Jesus for the opportunity to intimately experience Him, our Beloved Sacrificial Lamb’s resurrected life and the Holy Spirit for allowing it to be manifested in the flesh. A Reigning Victory all because of Jesus, rooted and grounded deeply within our Abba’s unconditional love.