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At the point of surrender: the point that destruction seems to be encompassing you from all sides, a painful place to be and hard to deal with in the flesh is actually a place of beauty in the spirit. It may not even be that drastic, it may be a place where you are tired of trying to figure it all out, or tired of trying to stay positive, or even just too tired to step forward. It is a place that is different for all of us, but yet a place where we can all fully experience God. You finally and fully yield, using your free-will choice to place yourself in complete surrender to the Lord, releasing the control you thought you had all along, for the control that needs to be in place in order to bring complete victory into your life. And if you have already been at the point, you look back on it with affection because you can now, intimately see the error of your ways through your Shepherd’s beautiful Light that now guides you, and heals you through all things. Each time you remember that time of surrender, you are fed from deep within how preciously beautiful you are to the Great I Am as He privately reveals to you that He rejoices because He was released from His long-suffering over you at the point of your surrender. You are intimately partaking in Jesus’ resurrected life, no longer struggling against Him, nor grieving the Holy Spirit and are now able to be intimately connected to Him by His Spirit, which makes it possible for your deepening relationship with the Great I Am to happen, because you were made righteous by Jesus’ wounds and you are completely covered by His white garment of surrender.