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God’s love. It is the very root of all things, and is an all-powerful, all-encompassing love that blows the simple word of love, and what our limited minds see the meaning of that word as being, to shame. You have painfully learned that His love is so priceless and precious that it doesn’t just get established in your life by suddenly becoming a Christian, a follower of Christ. It requires a private relationship only between you and Him, keeping all lines of communication open for Him, by being a daily, moment by moment choice. You have been fed a small portion of the deepness of His love, which exposes how the Great I Am actually humbles Himself to the point of allowing us to make that choice of giving Him the authority in our lives; and how, with long suffering He has waited, and has shown the world what life is like without Him, without His complete authority, through the struggles, the hopelessness, the pain, the heartache, the gut-wrenching hard times. And your free-will choice has made the necessary step to change that in your life, and He is so humble, that your choice has actually comforted and soothed Him. Although you still will go through struggles, pain, and heartache, you see them in a different way, in a different light, because your Savior is shining His Light on them, clearly showing you that your life is in the sovereign will of God. And because of your cleared vision, His love now fully nourishes you, and the Holy Spirit has lovingly positioned you to where you see Jesus before you see anything else. Your Abba rejoices, and in response He Divinely whispers, “You stay turned to me, and I will do the rest.” Praise Jesus for His patient ways of building Divine trust and faithfulness over Him into our lives! God’s love. God is love: and He wants to deeply instill Himself within you, for He is your Creator! Praise Jesus!