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The inner strength, the inner peace, the inner love, the inner dwelling, you can easily see that it no longer is subject to, nor dependent on what the outside of you is experiencing. Trials, situations, and circumstances were uniquely designed for you so that when you freely chose Jesus over all things, the Holy Spirit could nurture within you a unique, and very real awareness of Him. And you find yourself being overly protective of that, and you adjust your life accordingly by letting go of this, and grasping onto that, nothing matters to you more than the Word of God. The Lord is Lord within you, which then manifests itself outwardly into your daily life, and you can now see the Lord bringing the two uniquely together. You are intimately experiencing the powerful truth, “God is greater than all things,” and He loves you and will always correctly shepherd you, you have finally released the reins, and continue to as the sun rises each day, and goes down each night. Jesus is Lord of your complete life, which then has provided wholeness and completeness beyond anything you could have ever imagined. Praise Jesus, powerfully and boldly living in Him!