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Deflecting arrows, (words, looks, behaviors, or all things that hurt us) with the Word of God is a free-will act, or step of faith that is our individual choice to make; the arrows even include those rusty things of the past. When this choice is made, we are then able to begin clearly seeing the faithfulness of God, and His Divine will in allowing His beloved children to victoriously live in this unsettling world, where at any moment we are reminded that our life, as we know it, can be completely changed in the blink of an eye. Only God is faithful and above all things, but to simply know it and believe it in our minds is different than truly knowing it, dwelling in it, and relying on it. And only the Holy Spirit can change this within us by deeply establishing, as a result of our relationship with Him, God’s Word within us, and allowing us to actually experience that His faithfulness will see us through all things. As we use His Word to deflect things not of Him, we begin to experience the healing effects within us, and see the ineffectiveness of relying on ourselves. Such powerful victory we intimately experience when we choose God’s Word over our own! Over time, we find ourselves no longer accepting those arrows, regardless of who they come from, nor even taking those arrows and stabbing ourselves with them by accepting what others wrongly say against us by overly thinking on them. And now, regardless of what we go through, Jesus’ reigning victory will always be known, because we choose to act instead of wrongly react; only He can fully cleanse and change their minds, and validate us! We will rightly choose to smoothly deflect with our Shield, with our Beloved Faithful Abba!