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Faith without works is dead. So often people hear that and begin to condemn themselves, immediately recognizing and seeing things they think they are failing to do. It can be a snare of the enemy to look at it in that way, which takes precious moments away from praising Jesus, and causes someone to ofttimes immediately go out and run themselves ragged trying to accomplish all for the Lord. But while your focus remains on Jesus, and your priority is getting to know Him in a deeper way, you find that the Holy Spirit has been guiding your thinking and has begun to cleanse your spiritual eyesight. You are beginning to see those five words very differently. They become a confirmation of your relationship with Him, as opposed to words that appear to nurture a workman’s mentality; they are powerful words that help nourish and strengthen your personal relationship with Him. They are a strong confirmation to you that your Abba wants you to go beyond reading about Him, and instead, fully experience Him. And you have found that you actually experience Him even more when you step forward and allow His Word to flow forth from you, you do things and act in ways that in the past you wouldn’t ever think to do, your thought process has greatly changed, and most times as His Words flow forth helping others, they are also affecting your personal life in a deeper way. You are being Divinely led and guided by Him, doing things as He leads you to do, no longer going out on your own and trying to bring Him into those things. Circumstances, situations, and issues have become deepening experiences with the Lord, which strengthens your confidence in Him, and you are able to have a glimpse at the building of faith and trust in Him, in you. Those powerful words sum up what is happening within. Your faith is alive, because you have intimately recognized that Jesus is the Author and Finisher of your Faith, and you are Divinely experiencing Him, and facing life on earth through Him.