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Only Jesus can provide complete forgiveness, complete healing, and complete victory. Continuously focusing on Him leads to becoming even more sensitive to Him. If you are more aware of others, society, and even loved ones, more than you are of Jesus, you may be hurting yourself, and even them, without even realizing it. This, also, could have long-lasting, grievous effects in your emotional, mental, and physical areas of your life. Being more aware of others than Jesus will actually desensitize you to His promptings, and you are unable to be aware of what people close to you truly need, which is most times hidden from the physical eyes. Even in your personal life, you may be praying for something to change, or for strength, or healing in a specific area of your life, and while you are thinking that your prayers are not being answered, nor fulfilled, all along the Holy Spirit could be grieving, and saying, “You have it, it’s there. You’re hurting yourself, turn to Jesus.” Sensitivity to Jesus is vital, and yes, it is your personal free-will choice to allow the Lord to fully guide you, and to actively live through Him moment by moment, which allows Him to build Divine trust and faithfulness in Him, within you; and by doing this, you are able to spiritually see what He is miraculously doing in your life, as well as others. It doesn’t happen automatically, but it is a moment by moment getting to know Him choice only you can make. What honor and grace He gifts us with, all because our Abba passionately desires for us to fully experience Him! Praise Jesus~Shabbat Shalom!