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When your relationship with Jesus is a priority in your life, you find that the simplest struggle and irritation can hold the greatest lesson, while the biggest struggle strategically allows the Holy Spirit to Divinely establish a greater connection to Jesus, so that Divine confidence and trust is firmly built within you. You no longer need outward confirmations, nor do you actively search for them, you deeply know that God will lead confirmations to you, when you need them. You have used your free-will choices to first choose Jesus, so the Holy Spirit has been able to make you more aware of the Mystery of the Gospel (Christ within you). What miraculous experiences we encounter as we see that problems, struggles, and difficulties lead to intimate experiences with Him. It is a deeper dwelling, securely guided by the Holy Spirit, while Abba affectionately looks on, and His countenance (His Divine support) is turned towards you! Praise Jesus… what a miraculous way to live, living and experiencing Jesus’ resurrected life!