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We all battle and struggle with private things of various proportions, things others do not understand, nor can they comprehend, which are bold reminders that we all desperately need to actively dwell deeply in Jesus, allowing our private relationship with Him to be our priority in this life, so that we don’t spiritually stumble, nor wrongly see God through the pain. It is those vital reminders telling us that our focus needs to be wholly on Jesus, because we don’t understand. It is those moments that we find ourselves amazed, and left wondering how we did it, or how we are able to still stand from the force of what we have experienced, are experiencing, or how we are continuing to dwell in complete inner peace with hope deeply filling us no matter what has happened, or is happening. And it may even be an abnormal way in how you must daily live, which is sharply and painfully unlike what you had anticipated it being, nor looked forward to your future being like. All of these instances are not to reveal your strength, but are specifically designed to intimately show you the existence of God’s Divine strength that He wants to privately release to you. Your life may not be what you had dreamed about it being, nor becoming, with high hopes and expectations. Instead, it is more. By continuously living moment by moment in Jesus, the Holy Spirit leads you into realizing and clearly seeing that your Divine, intimate experiences are worth every physical sacrifice you encounter, and deal with on a daily basis, which no longer seem as sacrifices, nor irritants, nor problems. You are deeply experiencing the very real truth that greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. You are now victoriously battling earthly limits through an eternal perspective while dwelling in complete peace, you are dwelling in your Deliverer, your Jesus.