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While we intimately and privately continue to actively acknowledge and dwell with Jesus, the Holy Spirit continues to feed us God’s amazing, unconditional love specifically geared towards us, individually. You, His Beloved Child, whom He foreknew before you were even in your mother’s womb, a love so powerful you cannot contain it within yourself while you are dwelling in these limited bodies on earth. But through establishing your relationship with Him, little by little the Holy Spirit is able to feed you a tiny portion of it, which has healing power, spiritually seeing power, and an infinite amount of all other powers. In short, He is devoted to you, and only He can intimately release that knowledge to you, and as He does, you find yourself deeply feeding on that within. Your appetite increases and you become hungry for more, resulting in more time turning within to Him. The Holy Spirit is building devotion in Him, within you, this then gives you strength and nourishes you, increasing your desire to continuously dwell in His presence (praying without ceasing). Through your free-will choice of focusing on Jesus, He is able to Divinely keep all communication lines open, healed and repaired, and above all, He is keeping you faithful to God. The Holy Spirit, so precious, so vital, and so amazing~He secures you to Jesus, and He vividly secures your faithfulness to your Abba. Devotion, a vital key to faithfulness… Through His devotion to you, He builds your devotion to Him, Divinely and mutually feeding off of each other! Praise Jesus!