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Regardless of what society claims, not all problems, or struggles need to be vocally, nor openly shared with others. Sharing them will not always bring the deep cleansing you desperately desire, only the Holy Spirit can spiritually bring that over each struggle. Yes, there are times He will lead you to share, but there may just be that one major struggle within you that only He wants to be involved in. There is something so vitally important when you only share certain problems with the Lord, within. You experience yourself becoming more dependent on Him, and you actually and actively can “feel” and experience the bond connecting you with Him. The problem, or problems, may very well be something that no one else on earth can help you with, nor relate to, nor is there anything in this world that can actually answer or change your situation. Regardless of what your “natural” thought and reaction was about how bad your struggle is, by freely choosing Jesus and going to Him privately about it, He rises you above the struggle and shows you that it is actually a beautiful problem, because it is that one thing that physically helps to completely anchor your mind, emotions, and feelings to Jesus, by actively reminding you of your deep-seated need to actively live in His presence. It is the one thing that only He can help you through, and actively heal you emotionally, mentally, and physically each time the struggle becomes loud within you. Your struggle may never completely leave you, however, what you don’t “physically” see is that you are actually receiving more than what your completely life-changing healing to that need, which would end this struggle, would be. You are “spiritually” seeing and experiencing that greater is He that is in you than he that is in this world, and what affects you, affects the Great I Am! And experiencing this, opens up the connection to receive His Divine confidence in an even greater, intimate way while your struggle has now become a miraculous, living testimony!