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One amazing aspect of our deepening relationship with Jesus is that radical changes in our thinking, thoughts, and perceptions happen. By expectantly turning to Jesus for help, a sensitivity has been created within you to His healing voice, which desensitizes you to the aggravated noise of things not of God. One of those particular areas, which was Divinely touched, is in the controlling of your emotions and feelings so that you can exercise the authority the Lord is instilling within you. The Holy Spirit has allowed you to recognize the exact moment things begin to change within your spirit, so that you can change it. It is that moment, regardless of the degree of the problem, that attempts to veer you out of complete peace, and into an environment where aggravation, irritation, and all other things attempt to add up. God doesn’t want you to be a victim, but an overcomer, and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance you can take authority over the change by immediately putting a stop to it by shutting out the negativity, and turning to Jesus within. As you do this He will release a Divine thought. (an example: “Be still and know that I am God.”). You are an overcomer, because instead of choosing to accept the negative feelings, you are now radically focusing on Jesus at that specific moment of change, which allows you to fully experience the soothing balm of God’s Holy Words, and provides a safe haven where you can wait and allow Him to heal your thoughts, and actions. This then cleanses your vision so that you can make correct free-will choices regarding the problem, being exclusively guided by Him, and not by what you are outwardly experiencing, nor by the rising chaotic emotions or feelings within you. This allows you to act, and not react, thereby rising above your circumstances and speaking life into where separation desires to dwell. Allowing every pebble, obstacle, or bend in the road become an irritant to you, will stop you from enjoying the Divine peace, and changes the Lord is intently trying to shepherd you into… So actively choose Jesus over all things!