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All because of our omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing) Abba~Victory for our path is not dependent on the changes of others, nor on their wrong or right free-will choices they make, it is only ever fully dependent on our Jesus, our Savior and Shepherd, as we use our individual, free-will choices to actively choose Him over all things within our specific lives. We are, and will be affected by other people’s free-will choices, and we certainly are affected by the consequences of those choices and actions, but as we look to Jesus, instead of to the problems created, we see the victory over the choices, while the Holy Spirit uses those experiences to further instruct us, which strengthens our bond, relationship, and experiences with Him. Intimately showing us that our Abba’s faithfulness is always unfailingly present and active, never to be questioned. We aren’t perfect, and never will be so it makes no sense to beat ourselves up over our mistakes. Instead, when a mistake is made, turn to Jesus who is always right there, within, ready to cleanse and heal us, then the Holy Spirit will immediately teach us over the experience, intently guiding us to overcome all things through Him, while our Abba, the Great I Am, smiles, looking on and readily seeing where we are going, on the path within His sovereign will, as His heart pounds with vigor over the huge “yes” for Him, within our hearts! Praise Jesus!