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Nurturing an emotional connection to Jesus brings your relationship and experiences with Him to a place that is beyond your limited mind, and into the realm of limitless possibilities. When you are unsure about something, regardless of it being a small or large issue, you need to turn to Jesus, within. And by doing this, over and over again, with every opportunity, you soon realize that devotion and faithfulness to Him is beyond your feel good feelings or emotions, and you begin to no longer deeply “need” to “feel it,” in order to believe it, nor are you actively watching for further confirmation. You are starting to realize that Jesus will reveal it to you, if and when you need it revealed to you. What is happening is that you are freely choosing to allow yourself to be risen above your limited feelings and emotions, and are beginning to trust in God’s Word more deeply. What is so precious about this? Is that at the very root of all of these decisions is the Great I Am, because the strength to do this is actually not from you, it is being fed to you as an encouragement from the Lord, because the Holy Spirit has increased your awareness of Him, and has empowered you to make such a choice. Building this specific Divine trust within you, doesn’t need your feelings, nor your emotions to be engaged in order to be victorious, just because you “don’t feel it,” doesn’t mean it isn’t a victory. God wants to intimately show you that He is greater than all of that, and He wants to be Lord of your emotions and feelings, and by choosing to trust Him over them allows the Holy Spirit to be able to instruct you even more on how deeply Jesus is truly Lord of your complete life. So, may you use your free-will choice to actively and always turn to Jesus, within, which is actually openly deciding to trust in God’s heart over all other things! Shabbat Shalom!