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Our Creator unconditionally loves His creation: One of His greatest gifts to all of us? A mutual relationship with Jesus, giving and receiving, sacrificing and sharing. Things have rapidly changed within your life, you no longer look to Him when you need something, you look to Him so that you can bring Him joy, your devotion, your love. We have found that we are no longer easily swayed by what our desires, opinions, or ideas are, nor what moves us “in the flesh,” because we know we are not perfect, and never will be, so that is no longer even a thought nor issue, because we recognize that we really do not know what is best for us, but He does, and we have used our free-will choices to allow ourselves to be stripped bare before Him. We realize that fully living, is being fully dependent on our Abba, and making that free-will decision allows His sovereign will to heal our independent wills. We recognize that our identity only ever rests with our Creator. We are Who He designed us to be, which is individually unique and wonderful, and does not fit into any “labels,” but is only able to be intimately revealed to us as we turn away from our physical world, and look to Jesus for direction, making our relationship with Him a priority in our life. And do you realize that He feels the healing in His wounds and heart from our devotion to Him? Our Creator, the Great I Am, allows Himself to be moved by our love for Him. We are emotional, and passionate, because our God is emotional and passionate. We realize that to fully live, is to be fully dependent on Him, and we no longer care what it takes, nor what we have to personally go through to be able to do that, because only His Sovereign will matters. But He takes it even further, and humbly allows Himself to be affected by the eagerness we have to deepen our relationship with Him, by gifting us with the amazing, powerful gift of being able to have an intimately mutual relationship with our Savior, while His personal Spirit, the Holy Spirit, fills us, nourishes us, so that we are able to feed and nourish others with His unconditional love! Praise Jesus!