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Our physical eyes easily see the “needs,” the destruction, the problems, the struggles, and by “seeing them” we fully experience them in a variety of ways, but at the same time the Holy Spirit reminds us that we dwell in a position of victory, not in inferiority. With each moment and each opportunity we encounter, the Lord uses them to become more established in our lives, so that He may fully guide, fully shepherd, and fully teach us. At the same time, the Holy Spirit continues to intimately build within us a sensitivity that is more emotionally connected to Him than to the world, which allows us to boldly refuse to be overwhelmed by our outer experiences. Choosing to only see through Jesus, brings us to a place where we intently wait for Him to show us His victory for every situation, and this allows us to be privately and spiritually shielded from what our physical eyes, which will ultimately release His authoritative power through us and change our physical world.