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Just wanted to let my readers know that yes, this book is currently still in the editing process. This book ended up being 1/4 larger than the other ones, so it is taking longer than expected. But as the Lord continues to remind me, He, alone, has ultimate control over all of the books He releases through me, and it is currently right on time, within His perfect timing. A publishing date has not been set, but I will let you know as soon as He reveals it to me. He is leading me to also share with all of you, that a lot of unexpected things have happened to me during these past two months, which has taken me away, multiple times, from being able to write and edit; but at the same time, I was deeply protected from anxiety, concern, and anything else that would even attempt to upset my spirit regarding the releasing and finishing of Zeak’s book, #9. Although they were unexpected for me, they were not for Him! Amazingly, the fact that Zeak’s book (#9) is as far as it is, in the latter stages of editing, has shown me a new depth of our Abba’s faithfulness and it is truly astounding! And with the title of the book being “Trusting in the Faithfulness of Protection”~it truly fits, and is truly Divine, because I was called to actively do just that, in a deeper way, as I wrote it! Also, I am excited to tell you that during that time more titles were revealed to me through Him, regarding the Protection Series, and the titles are now up to Book #18! Feel free to check out the “Protection Series” page on my website for the list of the titles, or wait to see them posted in the back of Zeak’s book. Thank you for your prayers, as a few of you have been led to pray for me, and for taking time to read these books. May you find that your relationship with Jesus is deepening even more, each day, as you actively live in His presence, while keeping all lines of communication open to Him!