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An Overcomer’s Life, actively interacting moment by moment, in a Divinely deep way~ When unkind words are spoken to you, you turn to Jesus within and His soothing Words heal the effects, reminding you that He is all that truly matters as He intimately leads you to forgive them; when others misunderstand you, or your peaceful intentions, and instead, turn them into stabbing arrows, you turn to Jesus within and become aware of the strength of His protection, reminding you that only He can truly validate you as He intimately leads you to forgive them; when you wrongly look to things, and wrongly move before He does, the Holy Spirit tugs at your mind and as you turn within to Jesus, you ask for forgiveness, and He immediately cleanses you, reminding you that you are only righteous (right standing with God) because of Him, while the Holy Spirit instructs you on your error so that you can be more attentive to it next time; when you hear of things that try and breed doubt, or uncertainty, you turn within to Jesus and His presence strengthens you as the Holy Spirit feeds you nourishment, while you are reminded that your Abba’s faithfulness is all that you can truly trust in. And as you find out, during the times of adversity the Lord sometimes holds you back, keeping you silent, while other times He turns you back around, and as your focus is placed on the physical world, the Holy Spirit releases the Divine Words for you to speak to place it all under Jesus’ feet. They are the only Words that can bring about the Lord’s reigning victory into each situation, as He gives you voice to speak them. The gift of His Divine Authority working through you is purified and gifted thru trials, to intently establish a firm and unbending commitment to Him within you.