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Painstakingly crossing all “t’s,” dotting all “i’s,” lining everything up in various areas of your life for preparation, to take care of the “just in cases,” or the “what if’s,” sounds great and right; and preparing is important. However, what happens when all things viciously unravel and you find yourself broken, fallen, and on your knees in uncertainty, while in the flesh it appears that there is no security, and all things, including your storehouses, are depleted? Everything in the natural is the complete opposite of what your preparations were meant to safeguard against, so what do you do? You turn to Jesus, concentrating only on Him and placing your relationship with Him as a priority in your life. Then weeks, months, and even years go by and at the perfect time, the Holy Spirit intimately whispers, ‘Look.’ And as you look around, while remaining fully yielded to Him, you’re surprised to find yourself mended, risen, and confidently on your knees while you are filled with the knowledge of His powerful security surrounding you, and your storehouses are now overflowing. Because of your Abba’s perfect design in turning you around to His favor, actively forgiving and deeply cleansing you, and making His painstaking preparations in your life, in His Divine time, His safeguards are able to be securely in place because all things are now lined up to His Divine, sovereign will. You have intimately discovered the importance of allowing Him to prepare you in the moment you need to be prepared, instead of when you think you need to be, and you now relish your new response in waiting on Him. All because your free-will response, at the point of destruction, had been to turn to Jesus, while striving to be more aware of Him than anything else, your life is Divinely full, and overflowing, and what once appeared to show signs that you had fallen into destruction, you now intimately know that it was the turning point where you had actually fallen deeper in Jesus! You became fully dependent on Him, and not on yourself, nor your surroundings.