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Allowing nothing to outweigh the Lord in your mind, is a bold free-will choice, which is actually a constant worship to Him, and opens up a depth to the communication level that allows God to safeguard you during all your experiences, and allows Him to show you the limitless depth and undeniable truth that He is greater than all things. But if you are unbalanced, and shift your thoughts and allow other people, issues, circumstances, or problems to carry a heavier weight in your mind than He does, a string of doubts, wonderings, and a lot of other subtle disbeliefs, untruths, and negative debris will attempt to create havoc and cause an unhealthy balance within you. Thoughts are spiritual and should be fiercely guarded at all times, but regardless of common thought, you don’t do this alone, because as you firmly decide to put Jesus first in all things, His gift, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, helps to regulate and keep your mind perfectly balanced in Him. Sometimes as bad thoughts attack, all you can do is close off your mind, go within to Jesus and wait for His healing presence to overcome it, while during other times He may remind you of a scripture He read with you while He gives you voice to speak it. Whatever is the case, each experience is uniquely special and different, where only He knows the depth of truth involved, and by heavily leaning on Him each of these experiences distinctly draws you even closer to Him, and deepens your dependency on Him even more, as you deeply recognize His reigning victory in your life. Remember, Jesus is your Lord, therefore He must always reign in your thoughts, words, actions, hearing, body, experiences. In other words, He wants to be Lord of every single aspect of your life, allowing you to be intimately and powerfully connected to your Creator, who is all-present, all-knowing, and all-powerful! Praise Jesus, another depth of His richness is experienced as we radically live in Him!