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You are continuously, intimately nourished because you are praying without ceasing, in other words, you are actively acknowledging and speaking to Jesus throughout the day, regardless of who is around you, or where you are. You have privately discovered the vital importance of the Mystery of the Gospel. And because of that, you have intimately made changes to your life as the Holy Spirit uncovered each thing that needed dealt with or changed. It is those things that may contain lies in them, or are wrong, and do not line up with Him, it is even the subtle changes of choices you may not even recognize as being wrong, nor as being placed before Him in your life as a priority. But He matters more to you than anything else, more than even the uncomfortable feelings, or frustrations you may experience in trying to handle and change those issues, because to ignore them would put blocks between you and Him, and you are willing to do anything to see that doesn’t happen. And as you deal with them, you also begin to recognize that you are partnering with Jesus to radically eradicate sin, and all things not of God, from your life, so that your life can be lined up in His sovereign will. Through each cleansing, each change, you begin to find yourself no longer trying to figure things out. Instead, when new issues and things come up, you immediately turn within and speak to Jesus, your Shepherd, in order to make sure you stay behind Him, and not step around Him. Then over time, you start to discover that you are actually more patiently waiting, and are even enjoying the wait, because you have learned God’s provision comes in His perfect time, where only the depth of healing, and correction can happen. And as you make those bold choices, the Holy Spirit reveals to you that those painful, cleansing moments where you freely chose Him over the sin, and ignored your feelings so you could deal with those issues, had become powerful steps of learning to walk by faith and not by sight.