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The Helmet of Salvation, another free-will choice to protect your mind over the arrows of this world. No one can put it on for you, only you can. It is a decision and knowledge placing Jesus as priority in your life, and a knowledge that no matter what happens to your flesh, no matter what horrific experiences you may see, you intimately, and privately know where your eternal destination is. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal that to you as you begin to turn to Jesus first, for all things. Deeply knowing this revelation, planted securely in your heart, then allows for your spiritual eyes to be healed, while each moment and each opportunity on earth shifts and changes to become something else entirely different from what they appear to be in the flesh. They stop being “one thing after another,” and instead of being a minor irritant, major frustration, or even an overwhelming hardship moment, they become learning moments, where you learn more about Him, because you begin to actively experience Him during all trials and circumstances, through the destruction and construction of all things. Actively acknowledging His presence keeps the Helmet of Salvation perfectly in place allowing the Holy Spirit to strengthen your connection to Him. And being consciously aware of trusting Abba with your eternal salvation, by wearing your “Helmet of Salvation,” reminds you, and shows you, the depth of need you have to further trust Him for each moment at hand. The deeper you allow your relationship with Jesus to get, the more these experiences strengthen your dependency on your Abba, strengthen your hold on Jesus, and clears your communication connection with the Holy Spirit so that He may correctly align your priorities and life to God’s sovereign will. Your spiritual eyes will begin to have priority in seeing, and will overpower your physical eyes, while you look to every moment as being full of in-depth experiences intently showing you the forgiving strength of God’s protection, which helps you to release the depth of that forgiveness to others. Knowing the eternal victory leads you into fully believing Him for the daily victories, in Jesus.