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A person can believe in Jesus and still not follow Him. Think about it, to successfully follow someone, in our physical world, you must sacrifice your intentions and desires towards where to go, why, and how, and instead, embrace theirs, which causes you to have to exercise a measure of trust in the one you are following. You internally and externally recognize and accept that the person you are following knows where they are going, where they are taking you, and how. So why would it be any different in following Jesus? It doesn’t just happen because you believe in Him, it takes more. As you actively acknowledge Him, and live in His presence, moment by moment, you are allowing Him to become Lord of all things in your life and to continuously cleanse you and teach you to self-discipline your thoughts, mouths, ears, and life, and you are also freely allowing the Holy Spirit to make you more sensitive to His guidance and instruction, as He reveals a depth to you in truly, actively following Jesus. Jesus may be trying to lead you somewhere, that in your physical eyes you would reject, and wrongly think, “There is no way He would want me to go there,” so in response, you would speak against it, and turn from the direction, trusting in your physical eyes over Him. However, after intently living in His presence your relationship with Him has deepened, and as you have placed Him as a priority in your life, your spiritual eyes have become stronger than your physical eyes, and so you are now fully yielded, fully sacrificed, and wanting to only go where He leads you to. And as you are actively aware of His provision you are then led to that same place, the place you would have physically rejected, only this time in response, you speak and do what He empowers you to do in the moment therein for the moment thereof, because you live moment by moment in Him, and now… you embrace the blessing that had been waiting on you. A Divine strength of confidence intimately built within you, beyond anything you could have ever imagined, another richness of His glory! Following Jesus is not just believing, but it is actively believing.