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Our very existence rests on the forgiving strength of our Creator. Our all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present Abba humbles Himself, and has lovingly provided all that we could need to embrace a relationship with Him, while Jesus, our Savior, coats us with His righteousness as His personal Spirit, the Holy Spirit, further connects us to the Great I Am. But yet, at a rapid rate there is a flourishing of disobedience, and a monumental amount who are turning away from our Creator while attempting to use and place His name in and on things and situations that are not of Him, and do not line up with His Holy Word. All the while, freely choosing to disrespect authority, although He has called us to respect it, along with disobediently disrespecting His foundational principles and laws, which were established for the maintaining of order on earth. But yet, the majority wonder what is wrongly happening around the world, or even worse, think everything is fine and dandy, and just “one of those things,” or “that’s life.” However, with storms raging and natural disasters increasing, the earth recognizes that it is not “true life,” and is crying out to its Creator for help, but still, by His grace, He holds back, and with His deeply embedded love, His forgiveness is continuously active and alive, while with long-suffering He continues to wait. Instead of pointing our fingers to others, may we lift them up in worship to Him, our Great Creator, whose unconditional love and grace is limitless. The very fact that human existence continues on, is a strong testament to the strength of His profound forgiveness, and deep desire to have us get to know Him and above all, treasure our individually unique relationship with Him, as He covertly reveals to each of us, our true identities found only in Him.