You give Him a glance, and He gives you His full attention. You give Him a touch, and He gives you His body fully sacrificed. You tilt your ear to Him, and He loudly responds because He wants you to know He always fully hears you. You turn your heart towards Him, and He tenderly grasps it in the palms of His hands. You relinquish your choices in turning away from Him, and He eradicates all barriers erected between you. You give Him a word, and He gives you His Holy Word fully living and active. You guide your thoughts towards Him, and He fully guides you into His reigning victory. You bow before Him, and He picks you up so you do not stumble as He leads you forward. Your tears roll down your face, and He replaces them with His joy, deeply embedded within you, unable to be destroyed. A richness of His glory experienced with the precious intimacy of moment by moment living in Jesus, which is too precious to be physically seen.