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Moment by moment living in Jesus, how can you not excitedly decide to sacrifice all to Him, including your free-will choices? A declaration rises from deep within while inwardly your smile and eyes rise to Him, “It is my free-will choice to choose wisely, and I don’t need anyone else to agree with me. You see me looking at you, Lord, and that pleases me beyond anything I could ever imagine. I will not see the uncertainty all around me, I will see you, Jesus, and therefore I am certain. I will not stumble in the dark, I will see you, Jesus, and therefore my path is lit. I will not dwell on things that do not line up with your Holy Word, I will see you, Jesus, and therefore you will continue to block things that are not of you so they do not affect me. I will not be pulled into the hopelessness that my physical eyes see, I will see you, Jesus, and therefore I dwell in active hope, because I am firmly stable and balanced by the Holy Spirit. I will not question, nor doubt anything in the future, I will see you, Jesus, and therefore I will not look beyond you, but will intimately dwell moment by moment in you, the only way to be fully nourished by your hope. And now I clearly see that I really don’t need to understand anything, because I intimately know everything… Because I know you, my actively living Savior!” A free-will choice fully sacrificed becomes a choice that is fully cleansed and fully healed, which manifests into limitless living in Him. A wise choice, indeed!