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A free-will choice to follow Jesus, instead of what we believe is right, is taking a step towards a deeper understanding. Only stepping forward as the Lord leads you to is not naturally done, and may be physically, emotionally, and mentally uncomfortable, and it may even appear to be wrong, but as our focus remains on Jesus, the Holy Spirit uniquely strengthens us by the memories of all that He has brought us through. Then as we mentally lean on the Divine trust and confidence He has instilled within us, He instructs us on how to more fully trust in Him, and by waiting, we learn that we are openly declaring that we actively dwell under the Lord’s sovereign reign. As time goes on, we begin to observe the changed and healed miraculous balance between our spiritual and physical eyes, and realize that walking in His footprints keeps us fully united with God’s will and provides healing, mending, and power for our next step, which becomes even more clearly seen, because our spiritual eyes are getting stronger. May you choose to obediently only step forward in Jesus, because then you will be able to be Divinely led, secured, and protected, risen above the circumstances, and given the chance to speak life, unity, into the death and destruction all around you. Praise Jesus, falling even deeper in Love with Him, as we decide to go forward only by His Guiding Light.