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The beauty of fully yielding, and sacrificing your mind to Jesus? You are continuously worshiping Abba in your thoughts, and as things come up, throughout each day, your focus inwardly looks to Jesus and as the subtle, or even overpowering mental pain, frustration, anger, doubts, uncertainties, irritants, or even anguish continues, they are being strategically dealt with by Him. Jesus then sifts thru the arrows, healing and mending their effects, while you deal with whatever He impresses upon you to deal with, speaking truth to eradicate the lies, releasing His Word the Holy Spirit is feeding you, or by leaving what He instructs you to leave at the foot of His cross. And as the momentary healing commences, you continuously step forward as a new creature in Him, with fortified hope and strength only He can provide, while the Holy Spirit empowers you to obediently follow Jesus as He intently tries to deepen your relationship with Him. Another depth of learning is also happening: the Holy Spirit is privately instructing and showing you the importance of keeping your focus all on Jesus, moment by moment throughout each day, becoming more aware of Him than anything else. These, and more, unbelievable victories are experienced, but are often overlooked when each moment is not fully sacrificed to Him. And when you are not fully sacrificing, you are not fully living. These are those small, but powerful, momentary treasures only able to be privately revealed as you choose to actively live in His presence… moment by moment living in Jesus!