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Prayers, praises, and thankfulness should always outweigh the burdens, however that is your individual free-will choice to choose one way or the other, no one can decide for you. Never take ownership of the burdens, only ever take ownership of your prayers, which is your communication, and your worshiping thoughts directed to your Lord. Through your open communication with Jesus, the burden is immediately released as you speak to Him about it, because you are welcoming Him into the issue while openly placing it under His authority. All it takes is that one time to release it, you do not have to keep asking and pleading. Don’t let your physical eyes outweigh your spiritual ones. He hears you, in fact, He knows what you have need of before you even ask it, you worship Abba by asking. After giving Him your issue, turn to praising Him and thanking Him. The Holy Spirit will not keep your focus turned to the problem, nor to the burden, and if you think on it while your body adversely responds, then you are the one leading your thoughts there, not Him. Whenever the Lord directs your thoughts to problems, a healing balm, along with your Abba’s Holy Words accompany you, giving you Divine encouragement, hope and strength over instructing you through the problem. It may take hours, days, weeks, months, or even years to fully grasp this, but just remember, the more your self-discipline is exercised, the more it is strengthened. The beauty of it is that when we correctly use our free-will choices to do this, we are acting in the Lord’s will so He will actively accompany us through it, lending us a hand and releasing limitless nourishment as we have need of it. But when we choose the opposite direction, it is a way that He cannot go, so His help cannot be there, and we will dangerously flounder, and faint at the slightest issue. Do not let anyone, nor anything else carry you about, stay actively centered in the Lord, by keeping all lines of communication open to Him, and living moment by moment in Him, throughout each day. Prayers, praises, and thankfulness are limitless and usher us into eternity, however, burdens are limited and will always end.