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May you be amazed that you can hear the Holy Spirit without any sounds, be nourished by Him without opening your mouth, see Jesus while your physical eyes are sheltered, experience His healing embrace overpower the chronic pain, be aware of how Abba has prepared you as you first come across the issue, call to Jesus without using your voice, dwell in His Divine peace while chaos physically surrounds you, be physically alone but never experience loneliness, know His victory while going through the hardship, feel His strength the moment yours weakens, see things differently while never being aware of the depth of changes the Holy Spirit has wrought within you, wake up with your voice speaking to Abba the moment morning arrives, see Jesus step forward before He whispers for you to, see events and circumstances perfectly align to Abba’s sovereign will for your future provision, no longer desire anything He does not place within your grasp. Being more Divinely aware of Jesus than anything else is the only way to victoriously live in this battle-strewn world where we find that we really don’t know ourselves, let alone someone else, nor can we trust our interpretations, nor our perceptions, let alone someone else’s, and we can only confidently step towards our eternal existence in Him as He leads us to! Praise Jesus, experiencing miraculous moments, without compare, as each moment leads to new miraculous moments when you choose to focus on Jesus.