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Here it is… The official release for the book cover & description of Protection Series #10~ The Forgiving Strength of Protection:

#10~The Forgiving Strength of Protecion

Lila Lawrence’s heart has been ripped to shreds while her world has become something else completely different from anything she had ever suspected it could be. A wrong choice was made, but Jesus has allowed a precious miracle to help heal her heart. She has radically been transformed and will only look to Jesus for all things: for healing and forgiveness to draw her closer to God, for strength to love, for hope towards her future, for endurance to stay-the-course, and for guidance to keep her firmly living in Jesus so that she may continue to be the overcomer that God is intimately guiding her to be. But when her eyes again gaze into the eyes of the one man that holds the shredded pieces, her feet shift, her strength wavers, and her gut burns with hurtful aggression. However, inwardly she is reminded that she is an overcomer, and only Jesus can miraculously heal, strengthen, and lead her into her uncertain, but secure future in Him.

What happens when your first cousin is the main boss-man to the CAT guys and you discover the special girl you can’t seem to get out of your mind is one of those said CAT guys’ beloved sisters? Well, you quickly find out that the Nation’s capital is definitely not big enough. But never one to balk at a challenge, Mario Martinetti is more than ready to accommodate the men on whatever challenge, or pressure they decide to apply. A Martinetti never backs down especially when his preciously small family is involved, and when his team of brothers are firmly standing behind him.

Have a wonderful week… in Jesus!