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When you speak the truth, Jesus will always heal and make a way, but when you speak lies, or what you think is best for someone to hear in order to help them “feel better,” because you don’t want to “hurt their feelings,” then you are not being honest, and stripped down bare, it isn’t the truth, and that does not line up with the Word of God, so something will always be in your way, and there will be no Divine help to see you through the obstruction until you forsake the lies and grasp the Truth. If the Holy Spirit is leading you to correct something, He is letting you know that He will give you the strength to correct it, obediently step forward in Him, trusting He has already provided the way and knowing Jesus will heal the issue, problem, and relationship. What you are doing is showing others unconditional love, because you know that speaking the truth will always usher in Jesus’ healing presence. We can actively experience that which is right only when we forsake that which is wrong, clearly and intimately showing us another depth of experiencing our Abba’s perfect design. Praise Jesus, by embracing truth in all of our decisions, we are making a commitment to Jesus so that He is able to nourish us in Truth, and rise us above the stumbling blocks of this world. We are only able to fully live because of Him.