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This moment, this issue, this problem, or blessing, either good or bad, which the Lord is leading you through now, and what the Holy Spirit is instructing you in, may be the Divine preparation, and added Divine confidence you need for something you will encounter later. May you find yourself speaking to Him more than anyone else throughout each day, which uniquely worships Him by actively showing Him that He matters more to you than anyone, or anything else. May you find every aspect of your life worshiping Him by welcoming His authority into every breath, every step, and every situation you encounter. Don’t encounter anything without actively acknowledging Him, which keeps you in an active prayer life that brings out the depth of His Love being uniquely released to you. And may you experience how He is answering your words begging for His authority to be placed more deeply into your life. Praise Jesus, for our Abba’s perfect design in revealing another depth of His love when we look to Him within each moment for the depth of meaning and unique place it has in Him.