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An obedient step can unleash a profound amount of healing, and only our Abba is fully aware of the depths of all that is involved, because our minds are too limited to fully comprehend. When you obediently handle things as the Lord is impressing upon you to do, you are actually worshiping and praising Him in a unique way. In a way only you can, because, of course, it is your free-will choice obediently stepping forward. The depth of uniqueness? Well, you are recognizing and willing to place everything in your life under His authority; you are openly recognizing that you want His will over anyone else’s, including your own; you are willing to safeguard your relationship with Him in whatever He calls you to do; you are unwilling to disrupt, nor allow anything to come in the way of Him and you; and stripped down bare and to the point? You are openly recognizing a powerful truth, that is almost too hard to digest: “When we do not reverence Him, we disrespect Him.” A free-will choice in Divine obedience privately welcomes in His authority, which is the only way for true Divine victory to be experienced in your life.