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Feeling confident, certain and sure doesn’t have any bearing in the successful outcome of situations, nor issues. But being confident, certain and sure in the Lord does, because a new depth of your private relationship with Him is experienced during the process of going through it. As you go through it, making sure your thoughts reside in Jesus, you are able to receive a profound strengthening of faith, trust, and a multitude of other things while in the end, despite what the physical outcome is, a new depth in your Divine relationship with Him is alive, active and now in existence. Things of the spirit are more powerful than the things of the flesh. Our Abba, the Great I Am, is not limited to this physical world, so don’t limit His results to it, either, nor limit your understanding by your lack of knowledge. There are new depths of freedom you can experience when you actively choose to focus on Jesus and become more aware of Him and His presence, than issues of the flesh. Praise Jesus, who is our Shepherd! Stay fixated on Him so that He can calmly lead you through the destruction, ensuring your spiritual well-being! ‘For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.’ (Romans 8:2)