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Regardless of your thoughts, desires, and what you really wanted to do, have you ever found yourself acting upon things, or interacting with people, in ways that do not line up with your thoughts, nor desires, but instead perfectly line up with God’s Holy Word? What a miraculous time. You were risen above your circumstances and through your deeper relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit was able to openly speak to your heart, placing His authority within you as He strategically bypassed your mind and called your body to move. When we, individually, strive to fulfill John 14:23 specifically within our lives, by cherishing our moments and keeping ourselves fully opened to Jesus’ communications, we begin to trust not in ourselves, but only in the One who can intimately call out to our hearts, nourish our spirits, and bring our bodies completely under His authority. His movement from deep within us will then work at healing our thoughts by instructing us and teaching us more on our Abba’s truths. As we plead with Him to give us strength in self-disciplining our minds, we find we have just experienced a depth to one particular truth: ‘Only God is good!’ Praise Jesus, what a miraculous life He has lovingly bestowed upon us. May we continuously find our actions line up with God’s Holy Word, instead of our own…  Shabbat Shalom!