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Prayer is active and alive, it is not a wish list, but it is an active part of the Great I Am’s perfect design that is embedded deeply within you. All it takes to be open and active, flowing in how it needs to be with rivers of Living Water flowing forth from deep within you, is your free-will choice to acknowledge Him. No one, but you, can make that choice. Our prayers, which are simply our conversation with Him, opens our hearts as it welcomes and invites Jesus to enter into the issues and problems we are encountering, replacing the authority that is in our hands back into His. How much more deeply does our relationship go when we actively, and continuously consult with our Jesus? It is limitless. How much more are we then able to see His victory before we encounter the hardship, how much more are we able to feel His healing before we encounter the pain, how much more are we able to experience His peace before we encounter the confusion? It is miraculous. May the Divine gift within you be fully covered by Jesus’ Sacrificial Blood as you ask the Holy Spirit to nourish you so that your communication can always be fully open to your Abba, the Great I Am! You cannot experience a deeper relationship, nor rise above your circumstances, nor be the overcomer our Abba is calling you to be without actively taking control of the moments at hand by speaking to your Savior, welcoming in His Divine authority and communication.