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Just because you cannot physically see the change, nor answer, doesn’t mean it is not being worked out.  You are a child of the Most High God, He hears your prayers, your heart’s utterances, and your mind’s thoughts and will intimately guide you to live out the solution.  In fact, He provides for your need before you recognize you need it, but you will not be able to recognize that, nor fully “see” it until the choice for a deeper relationship with Him is made.  It is that precious and that vital to your relationship with Him. By stepping forward, always keeping Him forefront in your mind, making your relationship with Him a priority in your life, you are welcoming His authority into your life, allowing Him to truly be your actively reigning Lord. And as you share each moment with Him, He will sift through what you think your needs and desires are, cleansing and healing that which doesn’t align with His will, and then He will feed you the needs and desires you are to have. But always remember, He wants more for you than you could ever want, or will allow, for yourself. It is a strengthening in Divine faith, which allows you to see the provision before the need is recognized, or fully felt. A miraculous life indeed, praise Jesus!