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Nothing has physically changed, the destruction and effects of wrong free-will choices are still so easily seen as you step out and physically see the world, or listen to the news. However, your perception is different, you now hear instruction and truth where finality and deceit once reigned. You see the unspoken, and can easily see the decisions made in turning away from the Lord that led to the troubles. You don’t understand the sicknesses or suffering, but you do understand the vital importance of welcoming Jesus’ authority into your life so that He may tenderly carry you, and effectively shelter you, as your body deals with the painful effects of this limited journey on earth. Others see the horrific diseases with the loss of memory in loved ones, you see the Lord intimately speaking to them within, in ways only He can as the Holy Spirit secures their relationship for an eternity. Others see the loss of mobility in loved ones, but you see the tenderness of Jesus as they are called to rely on His strength to carry them throughout each day. Others hear people speak of God and Jesus but at the same time their actions do not line up with His Holy Word, however, you see the wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing. Others cry for God to grace us with His presence, but you see that He has never left, it is us who leaves His presence. While others try to command everyone to pray harder, you see Jesus’ ear soaking up our words before they are even voiced. Others see hopelessness, but you see Jesus. Praise Jesus, our Healer is actively at work and always will be. A deeper relationship with Jesus results in our spiritual eyesight becoming dominant. Our God is greater than all things!