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Obedience is very powerful. It is an essential ingredient to being able to fulfill our Abba’s commanding desire to have us living in Jesus, and fully experiencing what He wants us to: a limitless, victorious, resurrected Life through Him.  Why do you think it is often met with negative resistance in the flesh? It is the required substance that allows our Heavenly Father to keeps us safeguarded, and protectively resting within His sovereign will. Obedience uniquely worships our Abba, it welcomes in His authority into our life, it keeps us completely rooted and grounded to our Savior, and it keeps the Holy Spirit in a constant, unhindered, limitless flowing rhythm uniquely within our lives, because with obedience our struggling against Him ends. The deeper your connection to Jesus becomes, the more obedience becomes an active part of you and the more you secretly realize the strength and power contained within a simple act of obedience, which reveals the rich, vital, nutrient filled, life altering Truth: Our Abba loves us more than anyone else ever could, and He wants more for us than what we want for ourselves. Embracing obedience allows us to intimately embrace all our Abba has specifically and uniquely designed for us. We embrace Him in a unique way when we embrace obedience. “Obey.” It is now the sweetest, most endearing, powerful command word our ears have ever heard, because it leads us more deeply into our Savior’s embrace, and sheds Divine light on how deeply our Abba loves us.